Trusted advisor and communications consultant

Hi, I’m Simone, AKA Free-Range Ag.

I write about Australian farmers, agribusiness and everything in between.

It’s pretty cool, right?

After 20 years in agricultural journalism, a life on the family farm and boxes upon boxes of spiral bound notebooks – filled to the brim with yarns from rural and regional people – the evidence was, like the books, stacked up.

I tell stories about agriculture.

Backed by a journalism degree, my highly-tuned news-nose from years dissecting the big issues in agriculture means I can find a story anywhere with anyone at any time.

Combine this with the practical backing – that only comes from a life on the farm – and it’s how I work with agribusiness to communicate complex concepts in a relevant and entertaining way.
A career in agricultural journalism also proved what I’d always hoped to be true.
Stories and effective communication are powerful.

It can foster connection, build relationships, change the way things are done and alter perceptions.
And that’s just skimming the surface.

The fact my “job” involves working with some of Australia’s most innovative farmers, dedicated researchers and entrepreneurial businesses is what I like to call a “value-add”.